Sunday, 26 June 2022

EKSA H5 Telecom Wireless Headset Review

This week we had the task of reviewing the new EKSA H5 telecom headset.
We used this headset for a total of 48h5m, if you work that out, that was a massive amount of talking throughout the complete week.

Now because the H5 headset is for talking, don't expect to use them for any type of music playback as the audio has been tuned for voice quality only and music quality is plain and flat.
But for what the EKSA headset is designed to do, it does a fantastic job.

First the mic quality is really decent with not much of a latency issue when plugging in the supplied usb dongle to use with your pc/laptop.
You can indeed connect to a mobile device too using a bluetooth connection or you can go a head and connect two devices at the same time.
When is came to calls or web chats, the voice quality from the other end of the call was loud, clear and crisp with no delay when chatting.
The H5 headset does have pretty good comfort, they are indeed very very light with the 30mm headphone driver that sits flat upon your ear with a fully covered PU leather earpad fitted.

To charge the headset you can use the type c charge cable supplied or use the included charge stand that sits well on flat surfaces that really is very useful.
Overall we loved this headset and although it has a simple design it is certainly well built.

See the full review of the EKSA H5 headset on our YouTube channel right now.

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