Sunday, 19 June 2022

EINHELL Electric Paint Spray Gun - Aldi Tech Review

This week we got our hands on the EINHELL electric paint sprayer bought for as little
as £39.99p from our local Aldi supermarket.

This 500w paint spray unit comes with two paint tanks, 3 spray heads and cleaning equipment to keep the spray gun block-free.
Putting the gun together is real swift to do, fence paint can be inserted direct into the tank but house paint may need to be thinned in order to not block the whole spray gun.

Spraying fence panels was faster then i thought, 6 x 6ft/5ft fence panels spray painted within 20 minutes,
Our whole garden was complete within 38 minutes of starting the paint work and cleaning the unit was as simple to do too using the supplied cleaning brush and jetting clean water trough the system.

For the full review check out our full YouTube review on our channel.

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