Sunday, 10 April 2022

EKSA E1 Wireless & Wired Headphones Review

This week we could not wait to get our hands on the stunning looking new EKSA E1
Bluetooth 5.0 headphones.
The E1 headphones from gaming tech firm EKSA is a new headset with boasts a 
dedicated bass boost button for them heavy hitting hiphop tunes.

As usual the headset does come with a pu-leather pull cord carry bag, a very detailed instruction 
manual as well as a 3.5mm/1.2m length audio cable (without mic) and a micro usb charge cable.
Th design is very unique, they have stand out shiny rounded triangular side discs, watch strap
side arms holding them 40mm driver units and for comfort the E1's have good pu-leather on-ear
earpads and a nice stitched headband with the EKSA logo embedded.

As the EKSA E1 headphones are foldable they are easily packed away within the supplied bag 
but when it comes down to the main aspect, usage time/audio, well the the E1's will provide you with up to 8 hours music playback time using 100% volume and they take around 2h20m to fully recharge them.

Music quality, the bass is certainly present, its heavy at times with treble that sound above average 
for the E1's budget price range, the mid tones on the the other hand do sit rather far back, not punchy at all when it comes to songs with vocals which is the only real let down.
When the bass boost option is activated yes bass does dramatically improve but again the mid-levels
then sound even more distant.

Ok i do think they will be good for dance/electro music and tunes that are full of energy like drum and bass but as far as vocal songs go the E1's sit just average.
One thing i will 100% say though is that the microphone on the wireless headset is excellent, very very clear voice pickup with no latency issues what so ever.
For £20 id say the EKSA E1's are worth a pop but don't expect the world for that budget price.

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