Sunday, 13 March 2022

Palovue SportSound Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones Review

Sound/Mic test with the Palovue SportSound Earphones

For the past few weeks we have had the opportunity of testing out the very cost effective
Palovue SportSound blueooth 5.2 ear-hook earphones.
These Apple Green Sports earphones will provide you with 3h20m music playback time using 100% volume, they do come with a slim line tree pattern charge case that will provide you with upto 23hours
power boost while on the go with all features that you would expect with much more expensive earphones, like touch controls and physical volume controls, that have very good comfort with help from all the different types of ear tips that too are provided within the package.

Audio to be honest is not too bad, i would say just above average for that price range but it will get better
once you have gone ahead and downloaded that audio companion app that will allow you to gain access
to change the touch controls and audio settings too, so to provide the very best sound quality that the Palovue earphones can possibly give.

After a few adjustments the audio is very much improved with mid and high sound nice and upfront, fantastic treble, brilliant low tones with the bass that is indeed present but was not as strong as i would like it to be, wishing it had more of a punch.

To see the full review of these earphones including a Mic test, click our full review video above for more information.

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