Sunday, 20 March 2022

Nokia E1200 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Review

This month, with thanks from we have managed to get our hands
on the new Nokia Essential 1200 wireless headphones.
First of all lets talk about the look, the headphone design is quite basic, plain matt black
but does however come in two different colour options of Blue and White and retail around £36.

The thing is about the audio is that you will get two different experiences, 
so when you press Bass Boost button, is the better of the two, Bass is heavy, Mid tones sound upfront, 
clear and well balanced but the treble does sound  a bit low for my liking.
If you do use the headphones on the standard mode, the Bass is low, the high tones sound a little light 
and we did wish overall that the volume had more power.

You can indeed use the E1200's in wired mode, the audio quality will differ from using them wirelessly,
don't get me wrong the headphones still do sound above average, but again could do with an audio kick.
The pin microphone on the side of the headset is the worst aspect of the headset, with voice recordings sounding very low and muffled.

To find out more about the E1200's, check out our full headphone review within the video.

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