Sunday, 9 January 2022

Soul Emotion Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earphones Review

This week we got our hands on the new Soul Nation Emotion Hybrid TWS Earphones
In the package we get a type C charge cable, lots of half/full spare eartips
with a charge case and the earphones placed inside.

The charge case can be charged wired of wirelessly, it is kind of bulky but it does indeed
have a big battery inside to help supply a good few recharges on the go.
Everything is embedded to keep the earbuds safe and secure and once you take the earphones out
they will go into pairing.

The earphones do look amazing, bulky looking but certainly have a ergonomic design.
You have them Soul branded logos to the side that really stand out with touch controls on either side.
Each earbud comes with 3 microphones, one for voice pick up and the other two are used for ENC/ANC

Music quality is a very good point when using the emotion pro earphones to blast out some hip hop.
Bass is nice and smooth, great high tones with mis levels to match that make vocals sound nice and clear, very upfront with no over powering of all the other tones.

When using the microphones for voice chat, i got to say, it was a real treat!
Latency was fantastic with no delaying, silencing all the background noise around me when having
abit of a chit chat while making a call and while being active.

Music playback time, we did test these earphones over a good few days and we did get 3h40m
use while using 100% volume consistently.
You can give a real quick boost with the charge case, with not much time being spent at all to fuel them up and we did find that they did remain very comfortable using them for upto 4/5h periods.

See out full review on our channel for more info

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