Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Budget headphones with a KICK! - YeeTonda Y77 Wireless ANC Headset

For the past week now we have been testing out the Yeetonda Y77 wireless headset.
The Yeetonda Y77, you could say is an unknown brand that is not well known but
because we like the weird and wonderful, we do love too test out underdog products
that may have the potential to be a diamond in the rough.

Well the Y77's don't disappoint, the Bass is fantastic, not too overpowering with
treble that is almost spot on.
Ok Mid tones at times are a bit high but i must say volume is real loud, almost
leaving a whistle within our ears after a good number of hours while using them.

Comfort is another strong point, even though the PU leather earpads are a bit shallow,
iv got to be honest, they do fit nice and snug thanks to the flexible headband and rotating/tilting
driver units.

ANC is not too bad, the outside noise is not fully cut out but is somewhat slightly blanketed.
When making calls the microphone does an excellent job not only with how clear the voice pickup
is but with how well balanced the latency is too.
Sadly with the 3.5mm audio inserted, the microphone will not work at all but then you will not lose any of the audio performance.

Overall these Y77's for the price do an excellent job, yes they don't look like a high end brand, the look
has been replicated on other branded headsets, but for above average sounding, cheap affordable headphones, the YeeTonda Y77's are certainly worth taking a look.

Please watch the full unboxing and review on our channel right now for more information.

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