Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Prtukyt ANC 918 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Review

This week we got our hands on the new Prtukyt 918 ANC Wireless Headphones.
We did get these headphones from Amazon and i must admit they really did come out on top.
The headset has a real lovely design which looks alot like the Bose QuietComfort 45's, 
they do come in 3 different colours to choose from but we just loved the dark Gray versions.
Within the Zip case supplied we do get an 3.5mm audio cable and a pretty dated micro USB charge cable.

Internal, the 819s are rocking bluetooth 5.0,Cvc microphones for them clear voice calls and 
Music playback time you will get 25h use, 15h use with ANC on using 100% volume but
you can reach upto 50h music playback time, 30h with ANC on while using 40/50% volume.
Transmission distance we got way past what was specified, reaching 80m+ before the bluetooth
transmission cut off and when it come to the audio, bass was fantastic,
Treble level are brilliant too with mids that sound a bit distant at times but audio is improved 
when the ANC mode is switched on.

Overall the comfort is fine for short use, the on-ear earpads do provide good comfort but
after a while my ears did become quite sweaty.
i personally do like these headphones and i do think that the ANC918's are really worth looking at.

See the full review of the 918's on my channel for more information.

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