Saturday, 2 October 2021

HAYLOU GT6 TWS Earphones Review

For the past three days we have been reviewing the Haylou GT6 tws earbuds.
For less than £30 and with lots of YouTubers rating them high,
i must admit, it did shock me after testing every single aspect out after using them
for many hours.

First of all, the packaging is very simplistic, the sort that you would expect to 
see in many supermarkets.
You get the charge case that actually looks stunning, plain in white but very slimline
that would fit very nice within your pocket.

The unit is charged after 2 hours via that supplied type C charge cable and will supply you
with many earbuds re-charges while on the go.
The earphones are just like every other aftermarket brand on the market right now, trying to copy
the Apple earbud look, with not much originality at all.

When it comes to using them the earbuds are indeed comfortable enough for long use but
in regards to music playback well it was a bit of a let down.
The volume is quite low, not packing much bass with the mids that are the only level to sit good but with low treble tones too, although clarity was not that bad, again its was left laking.

Music playback time, you will get 3h45m use while constantly using 100% volume
with a good bluetooth 5.2 connection reaching 14m+ before that bluetooth transmission cut off 
and when it comes to mic quality it was just about average, good latency mode with abit of muffling from the opposite end while making a call.

So yes! i guess a few YouTubers are not really being honest and must be getting paid to give positive reviews for cash which really does p**s me off, making it hard for YouTubers with small channels like myself to look honest when we actually are!
Checkout our full review right now upon our YouTube channel for more info

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