Saturday, 30 October 2021

Emporia Smart 4 4G Mobile Phone Review

Keeping elderly people connected
Check out the Emporia Smart 4 4G Mobile Phone.
This 5" Screen handset has a rear 12mp rear and 5mp front facing camera.
3GB ram 32GB rom with an sd card slot that can take upto 63GB expansion.

The emporia UI takes all the latest features and makes them more symplified,
providing large scale text and app icons as well as clear big options menu's too.
This Smart 4 phone bring together a collection of features that are designed to bring an ease of use 
for anyone who finds it hard coping with the latests features, without all the on screen crowded 
function controls.

Check out our full review on this little Smart 4 handset on our channel right now
for more info.

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