Saturday, 25 September 2021

Good For Beginners? HOLY STONE HS450 RC Mini Stunt Drone Review

This week we got to grips with the Holy Stone HS450 rc mini drone.
Within the box we are happy that you are provided with 3x 300mAh Batteries,
spare propellers, maintenance tools and 2x micro usb charge cables as well as 
the battery powered remote controller.

With the drone turned on it was great to see that not only did we have lots of functions
while using the controller but we do also have hand gesture controls too.
With both choices of controls you can make the mini drone do flips, tricks,
move in circles, move away from objects using that built-in obstacle avoidance and 
Fly around in free form using the control unit.

You will get around 6m30s use with each battery and we think as small as this mini drone is, 
that it would be a good gift for anymore wanting to start off as a beginner, operating drones.

Please see our full video review for more details

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