Sunday, 4 July 2021

SuperEQ S1 ANC Wireless Headphones Review

This week we got our hands on the SuperEQ S1 wireless headphones.
At first comfort with these headphones was real good, 
they do extend to fit any size head with good sized over the ear earpads.
After using the SuperEQ headphones for a good few hours, 
my ears did become sweaty, feeling a bit of pain around the rim of my ears.
Music playback, we did over 33 hours use using 100% volume,
with the active noise cancellation you do get less battery life but to be honest 
the ANC really didn't make much of a difference when switched on.
Audio is just above average, Volume i would say is not that loud with bass that is
somewhat overpowering. 
High tones are average, mid levels are spot on with low tones that match.

Check out our full review on our YouTube channel (Gogetyours Reviews)

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