Tuesday, 22 June 2021

X9 Mini External Sound Card Mixer Review

This week we got our hands on this X9 Mini Sound Card Mixer.
We did pay just above £14 for it off the banggood web site with the intention
of providing a much more clearer voice recording.
This sound card mixer has a built in 1200mAh battery so you can indeed use it
mobile, on the go and it has a good few features that made this sound card a lot of fun.
It has a voice changer, reverb control, bass control, dual microphone use as well as
being able to monitor your voice live via a connected speaker,earphones or headphones.
Yes it does have bluetooth built in too so you will be able to connect it to a laptop or mobile phone
and whats also fun is that the sound card also has some ready installed audio samples.
Please check out out full review right now for more info
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