Sunday, 9 May 2021

SEENDA SK64-B3 Dual Bluetooth Full-Size Keyboard Review

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This week we got to test out this ultra-thin Apple IMAC Replica keyboard.
Its called the SEENDA SK64-B3, which is a stand alone scissor switch keyboard
that has the look and feel of a full size IMAC keyboard.
it has an amazing look with grey metal panel and black oversized keys which help 
prevent accidental keypresses.
The keyboard is rechargeable within under 2 hours, lasting up to 200 hours and
also has a dual bluetooth connection, so you can connect to a pc, smart tv and even
connect to a wireless bluetooth mouse.
You do have the usual multimedia keys, everything is very accessible and whats great 
is that if your device has no bluetooth connection then a dongle is provided to enable
a 2.4g connection.
See our full unboxing, review and final rating on our YouTube channel
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