Sunday, 4 April 2021

Super Console X Pro Amlogic S905X Wireless TV Game Console Review

We unboxed this product on our channel and was pleased at how many classic consoles that are built in.
Atari, Saga, Amiga, Commadore +4, PS1, Nintendo etc.
We had loads of fun, playing Sonic, Mario cart, most crash bandicoot games, most of the Tekken games as well as Mortal Combat.
As well as 3000 games on the 64gb version we do also get standard android which is accessible by turning the console off,taking out the memory card and turning the console back on.
Kodi is available but will require setting up, with all the usual YouTube, Netflix and internet access.
in whole the console looks good, very retro and although the Ps3 style controllers are supplied they are not the best but you can indeed hook up a normal ps3/ps4 controllers should you wish.
i would NOTE: don't mess with 4k settings on the games menu, it will mess the screen up and may turn the screen green or blank, try and keep the basic screen settings.
Check our review on the product page for more info or our channel (gogetyours Reviews)
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