Sunday, 4 April 2021

BAKEEY Y8 TWS Earphones Review

The 10000mAh charge case acts as a powerbank.
You can charge your phone on the go and to recharge the case from flat takes a little over 5 hours.
The earbuds on the other hand when placing them into the charge case they are pulled in magnetically.
The y8 earphones do illuminate to notify pairing and charging when placed into the case.
The charge case has a very clear digital display for both charge case and earbuds but i will note that you can't see the digital display through the top sliding blacked out lid.
Touch controls are very responsive, they have pretty good voice pickup with the built in mics but when it came to the audio Bass was smooth, not too over the top but the highs and treble is a bit too low for my liking.
The mids are fantastic, lows are spot on with passive noise cancellation that is only thanks to the earbuds and with 70% volume.
We did only get 3h15m music playback with 100% volume being used.
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