Sunday, 18 April 2021

AirAux AA-UM4 Pro TWS Earphones Review

These cool looking earphones are the new AirAux AA-UM4 TWS earbuads
that are available just now for as low as £14.
We did get ours off the Banggood website which took around 6 days to arrive to the UK.
These earbuds have a amazing look about them, they sound fantastic with deep bass, great highs and treble
with the only exemption that the mid tones are slightly high.
After messing around with the settings on my phone, adjusting my personal phone settings the audio
did get a lot better.
We got 3h10m out of a full charge with 100% volume being used and you will get an added 4 full recharges via that charge case, which by the way is very compact and slides right into your pocket nice and easy.
Blue tooth distance, we got 14m in open spaces,10m inside our home but the only thing we did moan about is that, although we do get touch controls like play/pause/call answering, we however didn't get volume or voice assistant even though it was specified within the specifications etc.
Over all for the price these are real good earphones that look great, sound fantastic and are indeed good for 4 hours comfort, which every now ang again the earbuds would drop out when being active, so yes a few adjustments are indeed needed.
Check out more info within our full review
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