Sunday, 2 August 2020

Bakeey S15 TWS Earphones Review

This week we are testing out lots of Bakeey products on our channel and we came across these

Bakeey S15 TWS earphones.

We bought these for around £16 from the Banggood web site which took around two weeks for delivery.

Everything came very well packaged, the charge case is compact with a digital display with the earphones placed within the embedded charge sockets.

The earphones certainly have a unique design with duel microphones for them calls and touch controls too.

Music playback is not too bad with average bass, average high tones, good mids tones and crisp lows.

Yes! the audio quality is not too bad but them touch controls are way too sensitive.

More info about this review can be seen in my full review upon my channel.

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