Monday, 2 April 2018

Cnm android tablet factory reset

How to Factory reset a Cnm touchpad 7

NOTE: Please!! Back up Saved Data before attempting any kind of hard reset.
This process should work on a Cnm, Versus TouchPad 7 and also possible to work on MID 742,MID-773 android tablet pc
______________________________________________________ Cnm factory reset android tablet
Follow these steps if you want a factory reset,also if you forgot your android lock screen password .
STEP 1. Turn power off
Press and hold the power
button to turn off
STEP 2. Press and hold the Volume Down, Power button together for 10 seconds until you see the start up logo and then let go of all buttons.
when it boots up you should come to a menu written in a foreign language with 20 options to choose from.
Follow the options i take in the video,pay very close attention and if you follow the instructions perfect then your tablet should shut down.
STEP 3. Press the power on button and after a few minutes your tablet should be brand new factory reset.

For a part reset to unlock an unresponsive screen please hit this video and give this simple rest a try▼

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