Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Accelerate/Soundlogic XT HD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

i'm back with these Accelerate Bluetooth headphones Review
They are the Same as Soundlogic XT wireless headphones
But are these headphone any good ?.. LETS FIND OUT
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I bought these Mens Laurelle Accelerate wireless headpohnes
for less then £13
they are identical to the Sound logic XT bluetooth headphones
with only the name on the box being different here in the UK
but did i get a good deal?
Check the video link for the full Review


About these bluetooth wireless headphones

With the use of Bluetooth, the comfortable padded headphones can wirelessly stream music from many audio devices including your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or computer. An on-board mic, remote and volume control makes it easy to take hands-free calls or adjust your music, with all controls conveniently positioned on the ear-cup.

Equipped with an audio cable, you can also use them as a standard set of headphones, providing you with a greater choice. Simply plug into your Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy your favourite music!

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