Thursday, 23 November 2017

S10 Android R-TV Box 4k Amlogic S912 Review

After getting two of these s10 tv boxes,i found it easy to set up and the main menu easy and clear,the tv and streaming services was smooth with no lag.I was impressed if only for a short while,when i started to look for kodi,it didn't show up, infact after downloading many apps they too didn't show up on the main app menu,i had to download a simply tv launch menu in order to access the apps via app shortcut.other apps too had to be side loaded onto the system.and android system too was confusing,it was acting like it was meant for a mobile phone with all the downloaded games needing you to touch the screen or tilt left and right.the controllers too hooked up via bluetooth but never worked with this tv box.The remote control is not that great,you must be inline in order to get a good signal and last of all was the memory card insert,i placed a memory card in side the slot nice and slow but it went into the box and simply fell into the tv box.Now i got the s10 tv box for streaming to my kids tv,so it did do the job that i needed it for but as a whole i didn't feel it lived up to the great looks.


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