Thursday, 26 October 2017

Netflix's Over 23,000 Hidden Categories Now Available in One Place

The reason we put genre in quotes is because most of them aren't really genres, but rather tags, categories or descriptions that fit a bunch of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. As an example, some of these are: Absurd French-Language ComediesGolden Globe Award-winning Feel-good Romantic MoviesMovies starring Angelina Jolie, or Visually-striking Violent Hong Kong Movies.
As you can tell, these Netflix categories can be really specific, which makes them a fun way to try something new, or dive deeper into a type that you hold dear. But the streaming service has never made it easy to browse through them, instead surfacing them as and when it pleases.

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Some of the categories on this correspondent's Netflix homepage currently include Women Who Rule The Screen, and Oddballs & Outcasts, neither of which incidentally exist on But given the sheer number of options at your disposal, you shouldn't run out of choices any time soon. can take a while to load since the list is so long, so if you need a version you can access quicker, try the Chrome extension Netflix Categories that we recommended a few months back. It doesn't have the same range as the website, but it helps in a pinch.

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