Sunday, 5 December 2021

Oneodio Monitor 60 Wired DJ Headphones Review

So this week OneOdio sent us these amazing looking Monitor 60 wired DJ headphones.
This bulky looking headset has massive 50mm drivers that are covered in real thick
PU leather padding.
The matching headband which has that One Odio logo embedded, it does extend up
and well the monitor 60 will fit nay size head and fit to the contours of your ears very well.

OneOdio have once again brought a bright design concept and have used real nice materials.
The side plates on the side of the 50mm driver units have that vinyl feel with a black mesh metal
grill central with the OneOdio logo sitting just behind.

Sound quality although not super loud, these Monitor 60 headphones do come with some smooth
very well balanced bass.
Treble levels have a great sound signature but id say that the mid tones at time to sound just a bit stepped back when listening to strong vocals within powerful songs.
This is not really something to grumble about as after using these headphones for a good few hours,
i hardly noticed any faults really and they did continue to feel comfortable after long use.

Over all i can recommend the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphone to any budding DJ's, they can indeed
be used with a vast range of musical equipment and you can even daisy chain these headphones, 
connecting them to a media player and then using the supplied wires to connect a second of third
OneOdio headset, so quite simply you can share the audio which is useful if you intend to watch late night moves or share some Ps5 Gameplay with a party of people.

See the full review on my channel just now for more info.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

E&L 6C 4G Smartphone Review - Best Budget Phone?

The EL-6C is a very low priced 4G 5.5" smartphone which can be bought on Amazon
for as little as £67.
What you get with this handset is a very light mobile phone that has a seperate 2500mAh battery
that has to be inserted after taking off that finger print friendly cover.

The 6C is dual sim, it has only 1GB Ram 16GB Rom and this can be expanded upto 64GB
via that TF memory card slot within the phone.
This handset is running Android 8.1 which is quite dated with no chance of any kind of updates.
You can connect earphones or headphones via the 3.5mm port to the top of the phone which will
also act as an antenna and you can access Fm radio with this using that pre-installed FM radio APP.

Streaming, sadly you only have limit of 720p HD, YouTube plays very smooth, the picture quality
is not too bad and you can watch movies without the phone feeling too hot after long use.
The real test is gaming, you can play simple football games, racing games but games like PUBG will not work and that's the same with very demanding games too.

Audio is not that loud when playing music, sound it very tinny and when it comes to using
the 8mp 2mp and 5mp cameras, they are very average for that low rate price range, good for face time
with pretty good mics but that 8pm camera is subject to using that 4:3 aspect ratio.
To take pictures in landscape mode, the camera quality will reduce to 6mp.

Overall the EL 6C is not a bad for a kids first smart phone but as an adult this phone may not be ideal
but i do thing it maybe a good alternative phone for an elderly member of a family.

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Monday, 29 November 2021

Riwbox TX8 Touch Control Wireless Headphones Review

This week we tested out the new Riwbox Baosilon TX8 touch control wireless 
With almost 14 hours playback using 100% volume and some very useful touch 
controls to the side of the 40mm driver units, can this affordable headset offer
good audio, good comfort and features? See our full review in our video

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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Oneodio Studio HiFi DJ Wired Headphones Review

Oneodio Studio HiFi DJ Wired Headphones
Check out our full review right now on our channel.

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Sunday, 21 November 2021

Bakeey G10 TWS Earphones Review

This week we got our hands on the new Bakeey G10 TWS earphones.
Foe £14 what you get is some good sounding, cute looking earbuds with
a 250mAh charge case that not only is charged via a Type C USB cable supplied,
but it also has led charging indicators to the front of the unit too.

The Ear phones look just as good, fantastic in white with CVC microphones built-in,
bluetooth 5.2 chips as well as a E-gaming chip too for low latency.
Audio volume the first thing we noticed, its super high at 100%, treble is not too bad but it
is however a little high for our liking.
The bass on the other hand is real smooth, good thumping bass with well leveled mid tones
that work well with most types of music.

For our full rating and full review, please check out our complete unboxing and review video
over on our YouTube channel just now.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Prtukyt ANC 918 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Review

This week we got our hands on the new Prtukyt 918 ANC Wireless Headphones.
We did get these headphones from Amazon and i must admit they really did come out on top.
The headset has a real lovely design which looks alot like the Bose QuietComfort 45's, 
they do come in 3 different colours to choose from but we just loved the dark Gray versions.
Within the Zip case supplied we do get an 3.5mm audio cable and a pretty dated micro USB charge cable.

Internal, the 819s are rocking bluetooth 5.0,Cvc microphones for them clear voice calls and 
Music playback time you will get 25h use, 15h use with ANC on using 100% volume but
you can reach upto 50h music playback time, 30h with ANC on while using 40/50% volume.
Transmission distance we got way past what was specified, reaching 80m+ before the bluetooth
transmission cut off and when it come to the audio, bass was fantastic,
Treble level are brilliant too with mids that sound a bit distant at times but audio is improved 
when the ANC mode is switched on.

Overall the comfort is fine for short use, the on-ear earpads do provide good comfort but
after a while my ears did become quite sweaty.
i personally do like these headphones and i do think that the ANC918's are really worth looking at.

See the full review of the 918's on my channel for more information.

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Monday, 15 November 2021

Amazon Choice Budget RGB Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Check out Amazons best budget RGB gaming mouse with same day delivery.
See our full review right now over on our YouTube channel

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Oneodio Monitor 60 Wired DJ Headphones Review

So this week OneOdio sent us these amazing looking Monitor 60 wired DJ headphones. This bulky looking headset has massive 50mm drivers that ...