Sunday, 22 May 2022

BAFOVY BF ET02 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

For the past few days we have been getting to grips with the new Bafovy BF-ET02 
sonic electric toothbrush.
Check out what we think for this new product within our video on our YouTube channel.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

NEEWER 660 RGB APP Controlled Studio Light Kit Review

This month we have been testing out the new NEEWER 660 RGB app controlled studio lighting.
The 6.6ft lights are exactly what you will need to start recording them YouTube/TicTok videos.
Colourful RGB scenes and colour selections that can be controlled via a mobile phone app.

To see the full detailed review of these light please check out our full review within the video.

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Sunday, 8 May 2022

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

The 1More ComfoBud Mini ANC earphones have been on sale for a while now.
We have managed to get our hands on some Black versions and well we got to say
even though these mini earbuds are regarded as being one of the smallest we did
get a shock when testing them out over 2 days.

Check out our full detailed review right now within our unboxing video for more information.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

EKSA EM500 RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Yes! another mouse from the EKSA Gaming Tech firm.
The EKSA EM500 RGB gaming mouse, is a light weight 7 button mouse that has a good amount of DPI settings all the way up to 12400.

The EM500 has a basic
but solid design with RGB lights that are built in which can be turned off should you wish
or set the lights to 3 different flowing modes.
For a £12 mouse (price at the time of our review) we don't think the EM500 is too bad
but to be honest its nothing really that we haven't seen on a few budget gaming mice that we have reviewed in our past reviews.

We do think that the EM200 is a better buy as you do have the chance to change the weight of the that particular mouse and you can also change the face plate from White to a Black version.

For more information on both of these gaming mice, please check out the videos on our YouTube channel (Gogetyours Reviews)

Sunday, 24 April 2022

EKSA E900DL Gaming Headset Review Audio/Mic Test PS5

We have now got a massive collection of EKSA headsets that we have reviewed over the past 2 years
and i got to say that this maybe the best one yet.
Welcome to the EKSA E900-DL wired gaming headset, yes you may say it looks so much like the
E900 and the E900 pro headphones but we have to be honest, 
as far as comfort, audio and mic quality goes, they certainly top the list.

The Eksa E900-DL gaming headphones have an all Matt Black design, 
very flexible with massive adjustment too so to fit any size head.
They are connected via a 3.5mm jack to the end of a rubber coated audio cable that to be honest, 
we wish it was a braided cable for the best durability.

Attached to that same cable is a USB to power the built in RGB lights to the side of the headset and i will note that this feature is mostly common to use with laptop or pc as when using them with a PS5 console, you will need a power module so to keep the lights illuminated.
Towards the top of that same wire there is a volume control unit with mute button and we really love the soft earpads that do detach so yes you will be able to replace them in the future.

Audio is the best part when it comes to using the E900-DL with a PS5 console, directional sound is fantastic with pin point gun fire direction with brilliant bass for loud explosions when playing them combat games.
The microphone is one of the best aspects too, clean, crisp and loud voice pick-up that also can be detached in order to play music and use the EKSA E900-DL as a normal set of wired headphones.

For more info about this product, please check out our full review on our YouTube channel just now.

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

EKSA E200 RGB Weighted Gaming Mouse Review

This week we managed to test out the brand new weighted gaming mouse from
Tech company EKSAGaming 
The E200 is a sweet looking mouse that remains quite classy to look at but can also be
transformed from a white top facing mouse to a full black version with help from the black
magnetic top half shell that is provided for free.

When you do choose to take that adjustable shell off with ease you will also have access
to the 6 weight blocks that are inserted into a sliding cartridge.
You will now be able to take out some of the weights to set the E200 mouse to your own
preferred setting.

The E200 also boasts 13 RGB light settings, 7 custom buttons with scroll wheel and a
abs shell that is smooth to use across many different surface types and those top left and right buttons also have a rubberised textured layer so to provide the best possible grip when the mouse is in hand.

We did test this mouse over a good number of hours playing horror game Zemblanity and we found it to manoeuvre very perfectly and precise.
All buttons remained very silent and for many hours use our hand never felt sore of painful.

To find out more about the EKSA E200 gaming mouse please check out our tech review video above and subscribe to our channel.

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Friday, 15 April 2022

EKSA FENRIR E7000 Gaming Headset Review Audio/Mic Test PC

This month we have had a massive influx of EKSA products on our channel,
but one item that really stood out was the EKSA E7000 gaming headset.
The Fenrir e7000 RGB headset, is connected to almost any device via the 3.5mm
jack attached to the durable braided cable.

To power the Led wolf like lighting to the sides you will indeed need to plug in the included 
USB, again attached to that same audio cable and if you have a Laptop, you will also have provided,
a audio/mic splitter.

Audio with the e7000 headset is not too bad for a headset that doesn't have 7.1 surround.
Directional sound was picked up very well while playing the new spooky game zemblanity
It had nice crisp sounding audio with thumping bass that will provide very good explosions effects etc and even though the microphone did give good feedback we will note that it must be placed very close to your mouth in order to get good loud voice pick up.

Other then that we did love the design, the build of the headset is quite durable and if you do want to find out more about this headset and see our ratings, please check out our full review video on our channel. Gogetyours Reviews

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BAFOVY BF ET02 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

For the past few days we have been getting to grips with the new Bafovy BF-ET02  sonic electric toothbrush. Check out what we think for this...