Sunday, 31 July 2022

FIFINE AMPLIGAME A8 Condenser USB Desktop Microphone Review

  • This week we to test out the FIFINE AMPLIGAME A8 Condenser USB Desktop Microphone
    This little desktop mic coming with touch RGB light settings, a microphone mute button, gain volume control, a headphone port to enable monitoring of your voice while live streaming which is powered via a standard USB to type-c audio cable and this microphone also comes with an adaptor, so you will be able to attach it to a microphone scissor stand.

    It has a pleasant appearance and lighting effect to look at. But what matters most to a microphone is that it also has a pleasant audio file to hear. When it comes to sound quality, an unoffensive tone is the most precise description of the AmpliGame A8. Thus, you can garnish it with the RGB to shout at your teammates at warzone, and dress it down to take part in a podcast or a working-from-home conferencing.
  • It is made to work right out of the box. But when using it with the included stand or even a boom arm on a desk, it is inevitable to be the subject of vibration or banging noises. In addition to the physical absorption from the shock mount, the frequencies below 200Hz are less sensitive. Thus the booming or rumbling sound from the vibration of the desk or the working air-con will become much less prominent in the reproduced audio.
  • Not just the low-end noises can not make a mess of your streaming or podcasting, nor the sibilance sound. Thanks to the rather flat frequencies between 5kHz and 13kHz, even without the pop filter, you still do not hear much of the annoying sibilance. These two add up to make a super clean live streaming or spoken word and voice-over recording possible. 
  • To make things better, the treble is high enough to capture a bit more details from your voice. It is nowhere near to the recently launched model from FIFINE, it aims specifically for people who want the clean and more neutral sound.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Tonor Q9 Professional Condenser Microphone Kit Review

Reviewing the New TONOR Q9 condenser microphone kit.
See the full unboxing on our YouTube channel.

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Sunday, 17 July 2022

Blackview R3 Pro Touch Screen Smart Watch Review

This week we got to test out the new Blackview R3 Pro smartwatch/health/fitness tracker.
This Apple watch replica comes very well packaged, with a slim lined design that has a full touch screen display. 

As well as it having a rubber watch strap you are also provided with a velcro fastening spare watch strap and a dual pin magnetic charge cable that should only take a few hours to charge from flat.

The watch display can be changed to many different watch faces and you can even change the watch face with a personalised image from your choosing, aided with that downloadable GloryFit app off the google play store.

With the R3 you will have access to many health monitors and sports modes with loads of settings to be had.
All recorded data is stored an monitored on your mobile device and you can even control the music playback and take photos wirelessly.

To find out more and to see the full review of the Blackview R3 smart watch head on over to our YouTube channel just now to see that unboxing.

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Sunday, 3 July 2022

MOWEEK Pod 3 Earbuds - Apple Airpod 3 Fakes That Don't Suck!?

This week we managed to get our hands on the Moweek Pod 3 earbuds.
These Apple Airpod clones come in a well presented Airpod type box with an identical pod charge case and a lightening charge cable included.
But if you want to see the full detailed review of these earphones, please check out our YouTube channel just now.

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Sunday, 26 June 2022

EKSA H5 Telecom Wireless Headset Review

This week we had the task of reviewing the new EKSA H5 telecom headset.
We used this headset for a total of 48h5m, if you work that out, that was a massive amount of talking throughout the complete week.

Now because the H5 headset is for talking, don't expect to use them for any type of music playback as the audio has been tuned for voice quality only and music quality is plain and flat.
But for what the EKSA headset is designed to do, it does a fantastic job.

First the mic quality is really decent with not much of a latency issue when plugging in the supplied usb dongle to use with your pc/laptop.
You can indeed connect to a mobile device too using a bluetooth connection or you can go a head and connect two devices at the same time.
When is came to calls or web chats, the voice quality from the other end of the call was loud, clear and crisp with no delay when chatting.
The H5 headset does have pretty good comfort, they are indeed very very light with the 30mm headphone driver that sits flat upon your ear with a fully covered PU leather earpad fitted.

To charge the headset you can use the type c charge cable supplied or use the included charge stand that sits well on flat surfaces that really is very useful.
Overall we loved this headset and although it has a simple design it is certainly well built.

See the full review of the EKSA H5 headset on our YouTube channel right now.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

£1! TRUST CLASSICLINE Wired Keyboard Unboxing - B&M Tech Review

Testing out the lowest price wired Keyboard for JUST £1

See the full review on our YouTube channel

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Sunday, 19 June 2022

EINHELL Electric Paint Spray Gun - Aldi Tech Review

This week we got our hands on the EINHELL electric paint sprayer bought for as little
as £39.99p from our local Aldi supermarket.

This 500w paint spray unit comes with two paint tanks, 3 spray heads and cleaning equipment to keep the spray gun block-free.
Putting the gun together is real swift to do, fence paint can be inserted direct into the tank but house paint may need to be thinned in order to not block the whole spray gun.

Spraying fence panels was faster then i thought, 6 x 6ft/5ft fence panels spray painted within 20 minutes,
Our whole garden was complete within 38 minutes of starting the paint work and cleaning the unit was as simple to do too using the supplied cleaning brush and jetting clean water trough the system.

For the full review check out our full YouTube review on our channel.

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FIFINE AMPLIGAME A8 Condenser USB Desktop Microphone Review

This week we to test out the FIFINE AMPLIGAME A8 Condenser USB Desktop Microphone This little desktop mic coming with touch RGB light settin...